At Japan Sky Services, we strive to respond to each inquiry within 24-hours through our immediate response system. We offer first-rate customer service and support and pride ourselves on the largest inventory selection and international shipping options. We look forward to saving your company time and money on all your future requirements.


Our long-term success can only be achieved by fully satisfying and striving to exceed our customers’ expectations regarding the quality of our products and the timeliness and dependability of our delivery and service.

It is, therefore, our stated goal to provide our customers with quality products, timely delivery, and reliable service. Specifically, we aim to supply our customers with the largest selection of products available in our industry. We aim to provide our customers with timely delivery of our products and service.


Japan Sky Services is committed at all levels to meeting all customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through the continual measurement, review and improvement of our products, services, and the effectiveness of the quality management system. It is our goal that our customers are always satisfied with our on-time delivery, high quality products and quick response time.


Every item is thoroughly inspected by a qualified employee to meet our customer needs. All products have complete traceability to the original equipment manufacturer. All certificates and reports are permanently stored.