About Japan Sky Services

Japan Sky Services is a commercial aircraft and engine finance company specializing in leasing and financing aircraft equipment. We provide leasing and financing of aircraft and engines, for our clients worldwide. Our lessees include airlines, financial institutions, leasing institutions, and MRO's.


Japan Sky Services provides various leasing and financing options primarily for commercial aviation activity. We are able to provide custom-tailored financing solutions to allow operators to expand their fleets and better serve their customers.

We also provide flexible and creative leasing options including sale/lease back structures wherein Japan Sky Services purchases an operator’s aircraft and leases it back to the operator without any interruption in service.


Japan Sky Services specializes in a select group of engines primarily in mid to late stages of their life cycle, including GE, CFM, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce. We are able to provide short and long term leases depending on an operator’s needs and requirements.

    • Company Name: 日本スカイサービス株式会社, Japan Sky Services K.K.
    • HQ Address: 東京都品川区上大崎1-3-11, 1-3-11 Kami-Osaki Shinagwa-ku, TOKYO, JAPAN
    • E-mail: info@jpsky.jp
    • Corporate Number: 1010701038122